What is Love?

WHAT IS LOVE? This was a time when love was magical. I was in a mental trauma that love should happen out of blue and everything should be perfect. Honestly no matter how much love seems amazing, I never seriously tried any relationship yet. I was just keenly planning and daydreaming of how it has […]

Whom do you dedicate your time and life to??

Are you a hard core fan of someone and dedicating your life for someone?

When I started my career as a Mariner. I used to run around, try to dig more and run when there is a problem. It was dedication for the outside world but it was more of fun to me. It’s normal to be enthusiastic on your first work, isn’t it.

Munna Sharma, a calm intelligent and a decent officer to work with. I was in his watch mostly and he was my second guru on my first ship. He taught me everything related to work along with his smile. Always smiling.

He has also taught me one beautiful lesson on a Sunday when I ran like an idiot through stairs to acknowledge an alarm. We solved the problem and came back to accommodation. Then he stopped me in the alleyway infront of his room door.

He made me think by saying, “never ever run like that to fulfil your job. Do it smartly instead. Do you think this company will in any way help you if you trip/injure your legs or anything. The company just replaces you with another trainee engineer. So why be so loyal to a company which is not loyal to you?”

That made me think. It’s true that my family is more important than anything. The company is giving me money to do it’s work deligently and safely at the same time. Why should I take more interest and dedicate myself into company’s world. Moreover the company insurance you are guessing if I injure is never gonna happen, because the insurance provider will find some reason to cancel your claim. So forget that one hope of yours.

That was way back in 2010 story.

Now I see many of my friends or acquaintances being hardcore fans of some politician or a hero/actor. It’s fascinating that how deeply and emotionally we get connected to someone who touched our hearts. It’s the true nature of humanity which is to honor and love what makes us happy. It is fine till this point.

I get annoyed when people start with discussions and then fight for some politician/hero. It’s the friends fighting wait each other  that disturbs me more. It’s fine to support but how come we can fight with our own people for some stranger who was appealing to us in someway.

There is only one harsh reality I ask “if there is a function/event, or if we are in a hospital, or if we need some support, who is going to be with us like an anchor and help us pass through the rough time. It’s not just that, but he will support us in healing our rough patches too..”

So, does our small world of family and friends stands more important Or some out-of-my-world-person is important. To whom should we be more dedicated to.

Anyways, I thank Munna Sharma for being a part of my journey and wish him all luck. Feels good reminiscing him in the middle of this night. With all those memories of MT Jag Pushpa, I shall have a sound sleep now.